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- 300*400 mm Boxes
- 400*400 mm Boxes
- 400*600 mm Boxes
- 400*800 mm Boxes
- 500*600 mm Boxes
- 500*700 mm Boxes
- 600*800 mm Boxes
- Other Sizes
- Lids for Containers
- Wheels of the Boxes

*These products are out of stock and produced on demand.

A24 Stacking Box
A242000 Stacking Box
A242050 Stacking Box
A2432 Stacking Box
A2442 Stacking Box
AS114 Stacking Box
ATKON120 Trash Bin
B70 Stacking Box
BS300 Trash Basket
C30 Stacking Box
CK641* Poultry Container
D60A Stacking Box
D60C Stacking Box
DM05* Divided Bottle Box
DM05SC* Divided Bottle Box
DM20* Demijohn Basket
E21 Stacking Box
ECK6 Stacking Box
EKKA30 Nestling Burger Box
EKKA80 Nestling Box
EM59* Nestling Box
ETK6412 Stacking Meat Box
ETK6420 Stacking Meat Box
ETK6430 Stacking Meat Box
F26 Stacking Box
G5515 Stacking Box
G5528 Stacking Box
G558 Stacking Box
G55A Stacking Box
G55BE Stacking Box
G55BY Stacking Box
G55K Stacking Box
GA40B* Stacking Box
GA40K Stacking Box
GARDENBAKS550* Stacking Box
HALMEY57* Stacking Box
K15BK Stacking Box
K18K Stacking Box
K20BK Stacking Box
K27K Stacking Box
KASETAY24* Divided Cup Box
KAYSA35 Nestling Box
KMS2000 Lid for 800*1200 mm Pallets
KNK3212K Nestling Box
KNK3220K Nestling Box
KNK4325K Nestling Box
KNK5316K Nestling Box
KNK5326K Nestling Box
KNK5430A Nestling Box
KNK5430K Nestling Box
KNK6415K Nestling Box
KNK6425AK Nestling Box
KNK6425K Nestling Box
KNK6432K Nestling Box
KNK6442K Nestling Box
KNK6770K Nestling Box
KNK6770K WHEELED Wheeled Nestling Box
KOD2301K Stacking Box
KOD2501A Stacking Box
KOD2501K Stacking Box
KONTEK2500KT Stacking Container
KONTEK2500KTY Stacking Container
KONTEK2500K WHEELED Wheeled Container
KONTEK99 Nestling Container
KOPS8612 Stacking Box
KOPS8622 Stacking Box
KOPS8632 Stacking Box
KOPS2000AT Stacking Container
KOPS2000ATY Stacking Container
KOPS2000A WHEELED Wheeled Container
KOPS2000KT Stacking Container
KOPS2000KTY Stacking Container
KOPS2000K WHEELED Wheeled Container
KOPS28 Stacking Box
KOPS38 Stacking Box
KOPS90 Stacking Box
KP05 Small Parts Bin
KP10 Small Parts Bin
KP15 Small Parts Bin
KP20 Small Parts Bin
KP25 Small Parts Bin
KP30 Small Parts Bin
KP35 Small Parts Bin
KP40 Small Parts Bin
KP45 Small Parts Bin
KP60 Small Parts Bin
MEYKA35 Stacking Box
MEYKA50 Stacking Box
MEYKA62 Stacking Box
MK101* Divided Bottle Box
MK102* Divided Bottle Box
MK103* Divided Bottle Box
MK104* Divided Bottle Box
MK105* Divided Bottle Box
P6080K Pallet
P70100K Pallet
P80120A Pallet
P80120K Pallet
P80120KM Pallet
P80120KMS Pallet
P80120KY Pallet
P80120KYR Pallet
P80120T Pallet
P80120TP Pallet
P80120TK Pallet
P100120A Pallet
P100120K Pallet
P100120KM Pallet
P100120KR Pallet
P100120T Pallet
P100120TP Pallet
P100120TK Pallet
P110130A Pallet
SC6522 Stacking Box
SC6532 Stacking Box
SC6542 Stacking Box
SP5535A Divider (550*350 mm, Ventilated)
SP4933A Divider (490*330 mm, Ventilated)
SP4933K Divider (490*330 mm, Solid Surface)
SPECK6* Divider (ECK6)
SPTARAK Dividers
SET585* Drawer


Divided Drawer
SLC1322 Stacking Box
SLC3212 Stacking Box
SLC4312 Stacking Box
SLC4322 Stacking Box
SLC6422 Stacking Box
SLC6432 Stacking Box
SLC8422 Stacking Box
SLC12530 Stacking Box
SK12* Stacking Box
ST6217 Stacking Box
ST6222 Stacking Box
ST6227 Stacking Box
STK18A Stacking Box
STK18K Stacking Box
STK29A Stacking Box
STK29AK Stacking Box
STK29K Stacking Box
STK39A Stacking Box
STK39AK Stacking Box
STK39K Stacking Box
STK48 Stacking Box
STK49A Stacking Box
STK56K Stacking Box
STK71 Stacking Box
STK82A Stacking Box
STK82K Stacking Box
STK690 Stacking Box
STK6454K Stacking Box
SYL4412K Stacking Box
SYL4420K Stacking Box
SYL4432K Stacking Box
SYL5522K Stacking Box
TAKA33 Nestling Box
TEKNE2700KT Stacking Container
TEKNE2700K WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE2900KT Nestling Container
TEKNE2900K WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE3200KT Stacking Container
TEKNE3200K WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE4400AT Stacking Container
TEKNE4400A WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE4400A SKID Stacking Container
TEKNE4400KT Stacking Container
TEKNE4400K WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE4400K SKID Stacking Container
TEKNE5500KT Stacking Container
TEKNE5500K WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE5500K SKID Stacking Container
TEKNE6600KT Stacking Container
TEKNE6600K WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE6600K SKID Stacking Container
TEKNE6600AT Stacking Container
TEKNE6600A WHEELED Wheeled Container
TEKNE6600A SKID Stacking Container
TKN3201 Lid (200*300 mm nestling boxes)
TKN4156 Lid (410*560 mm boxes)
TKN4300 Lid (300*400 mm boxes)
TKN4400 Lid (400*400 mm boxes)
TKN6200 Lid (400*400 mm boxes)
TKN6400 Lid (400*600 mm boxes)
TKN6402 Lid (400*600 mm nestling boxes)
TKN6403 Lid (KNK6432K)
TKN5301 Lid (300*500 mm bestling boxes)
TKN5500 Lid for 525*525 mm containers
TKN5800 Lid (SLC6432 and SLC6422)
TKN6500 Lid (500*600 mm boxes)
TKN0750 Lid (500*700 mm containers)
TKN0860 Lid (600*800 mm containers)
TKN0880 Lid for TEKNE3200
TKN1065  Lid for TEKNE2700
TKN1070 Lid for TEKNE2900
TKN1280 Lid for TEKNE5500
TKN12100 Lid for TEKNE4400 and TEKNE6600 series
TK9 Stacking Box
TK15 Stacking Box
TK28AA Stacking Box
TK28AK Stacking Box
TK28B Stacking Box
YÜKÇEK4363 Dolly
YUKCEK4060A Dolly
YÜKÇEK6383 Dolly
YV335* Egg Tray


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